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well, I think I see what you're doing.
You try to open your sequence files as if they were bioedit (alignment) files, using file->open or something, right?

In my hands, this does not work very well.

That's why I keep doing it the way I told you:
1) open a new (blank) bioedit file
2) open your 1st sequence in any viewer program (serial cloner 2-1 should be just fine).
3) copy your sequence (ctrl+c)
4) in bioedit, do : sequence->new sequence (popup window appears)
5) paste your sequence, add a name to it (in the corresponding field) and choose DNA (or something else) in the "type" field. Then press "apply and close"
6) repeat steps 2) to 5) for each of your sequences.
7) save your bioedit file!

This way, each sequence will be displayed as a single line with its name on the left pannel (you can reorder the sequence by dragging their name up and down in the list).

good luck
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