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Default 25/02 webinar-An integrated RNA &DNA approach to unravel genetic regulation in cancer

Live webinar on 'An integrated RNA and DNA approach to unravel genetic regulation in cancer'

Whole exome DNA sequencing (WES) or whole genome DNA sequencing (WGS) allows detection of mutations and polymorphisms in all exonic and genomic regions, respectively, while messenger RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) enables quantitative analysis of gene expression. Mutations in the genome result in diverse transcriptional aberrations that can be missed in a stand-alone WES/WGS analysis. An integration of DNA variant analysis and RNA-Seq analysis enables one to investigate the consequences of genomic changes in the RNA transcripts including germline and somatic changes, imprinting, RNA editing and allele specific expression (ASE). In this webinar, we will demonstrate this integrated approach using Strand NGS to identify high confidence mutations, RNA editing events and ASE in cancer.

Dr. Veena Hedatale, Senior Application Scientist, Strand Life Sciences

Webinar details

Session 1 - 25 Feb 2015, 9:30 AM CET
Session 2 - 25 Feb 2015, 9:00 AM PST

Register at
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