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Default which kit to use for whole genome BS-seq library?

Hi all,

I started a BS-seq whole genome project to look at nutrition effect on insect geome. I try to decide which kit to use for making the whole genome DNA library. Now it down to 3 candidates.

1) Illumina/epicenter EpiGnome™ Methyl-Seq Kit for 12 reactions. $95/reaction

2) Nugen OvationŽ Ultralow Methyl-Seq Library Systems for 32 reactions, $47/reaction

or 3) Illumina TruSeq DNA sample prep kit for 48 reactions, $49/raction

Two other experts I have talked to used #3, but they are in big sequencing center, and this product is going to be discontinue after Dec. this year. Illumina promotes the #1 but I don't know if that method has any bias or not because of ssDNA.

I'm in a start up lab, and budget is tight...I have total 6 libraries to make, and also 2-3 to practice before I start the real sample. I know I need buy Zymo kit for BS-trt, and Kappa kit for better PCR.

I would appreciate your opinion or advice on which kit to use?!

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