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Default New ssDNA-capable bisulfite sequencing library prep kit: Early Access Program

Swift Biosciences has developed what we believe is a best-in-class bisulfite sequencing library preparation kit. We have just opened the Early Access Program that offers an opportunity to evaluate the kit before it is officially launched to the general scientific community.

This kit uses new technology with the following benefits:
  • Pre-library bisulfite conversion enabled by single-stranded capability results in superior library yield
  • Provides even coverage across a range of GC content
  • Reduced need for PCR - PCR-free for inputs ≥ 500 ng; 100 ng input enabled with 3 cycles of PCR; 10 ng enabled with 6 cycles
  • Compatible with WGBS, RRBS, NimbleGen SeqCap Epi capture, and bisulfite-converted DNA enriched by MeDIP, ChIP, or other methods

We are seeking testers able to complete a timely evaluation of the kit and instruction manual. If you are interested, please reply to this post, email, or call Technical Support at 734-330-2568 x101 to discuss the next steps.

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