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The Starter Pack is not sufficient for doing multiple samples. In ONT's infinite wisdom, they decided to put the rapid kit as an option, rather than the rapid barcoding kit (despite them having essentially identical sample preparation protocols).

If you want to do more than a single sample as cheap as possible, you'll need to get either a wash kit (to run multiple samples on the same flow cell, with some carryover), or a rapid barcoding kit (to run multiple samples within the same sequencing run).

The rapid barcoding kit doesn't need any other reagents except for distilled water. A fridge/freezer is a good idea (fridge ideally at 8 degrees Celsius for the flow cells; anything below 4 will kill the flow cells).

There are a few things that are nice to have. Have a look at the "3rd party materials" section for the rapid kits in the store:

If you want to see the things that I consider to be a bare minimum, see my talk:

The hardest part is extracting the DNA in the first place. I recommend sorting that out first before getting any flow cells.
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