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Default Divide by 0 error in

I am having an issue with that I cannot make sense of myself.

I am using this tool to try to extract a random subset of a genome. Most tools subset by selecting some proportion of sequences, but I want to randomly sample pieces of randomly-sampled sequences. So read simulators seem to be the better option for this.

In this case, I'm trying to sample a (giant!) salamander genome from NCBI. For now I just have some arbitrary length/number settings, as follows: ref=GCA_002915635.2_ASM291563v2_genomic.fna out=test.fq reads=100 minlength=50000 maxlength=500000 seed=5 banns=t adderrors=f

As the command shows, I do not want variants or errors added in at all; the sequences should be identical to the reference genome.

Here is the output I'm getting, which indicates some sort of 'divide by 0' error. Hopefully someone can help me diagnose and overcome this issue.

Executing align2.RandomReads3 [build=1, ref=GCA_002915635.2_ASM291563v2_genomic.fna, out=test.fq, reads=100, minlength=50000, maxlength=500000, seed=5, banns=t, adderrors=f]

Writing reference.
Executing dna.FastaToChromArrays2 [GCA_002915635.2_ASM291563v2_genomic.fna, 1, writeinthread=false, genscaffoldinfo=true, retain, waitforwriting=false, gz=true, maxlen=536670912, writechroms=true, minscaf=1, midpad=500, nodisk=false]

Set genScaffoldInfo=true
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
at align2.RandomReads3.fillRandomChrom(
at align2.RandomReads3.<init>(
at align2.RandomReads3.main(

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