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Default Hello from a french bio-informatician looking for help with NextSeq500 Illumina data

Hi everyone!

It doesn't look like there are a lot of answers to the presentation threads, but I'm going to introduce myself anyway. Feel free to jump in and have a chat with me if you feel like it!

I was originally an engineer in biotechnologies, and I am currently finishing off my PhD while starting a new job as a bioinformatician.
I started doing bioinformatics during my thesis, because I was working on the genome of a bacteria, doing gene-by-gene approaches on different datasets of whole-genome sequenced strains. I'll get into details if you're interested.

I have always worked with either published data or data from our own in-house sequencing platform, so I have never had to really assess the quality of a sequence before working with them.

It's a different story in my new job, because our lab ordered sequencing and assembly for strains, which I received, and I now have to work from them, first step being to validate them. I am a bit lost with that, so I was hoping to find some help here, as you guys seem to work a lot with sequencing data.

The sequenging was achieved using NextSeq500 (Illumina), and the assembly was made with SPAdes. So if anyone is an expert in those, please shout under this post!
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