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Funny you speak of digital PCR... Digital PCR is pretty old, goes back to the days of Vogelstein for somatic mutation detection. It's also been shown to be rather... worthless. Go price a single digital pcr chip or array... Just not worth it. Digital PCR for Life is only a way to get leads, most users never touch digital since they could just get a simpler BioRad machine.

My real point is: If digital is so hot, then why does and machine for digital originally priced at 129,999.00 now barely sells at around 50,000.00. Getting back to the subject. This kind of revenue is just not going to make your stock grow...

Life gobling up Illumina... LOL, if Roche can't do it, I know Life can't even dream of it, plus the markets... No authority would have that.

Look, review this from all sides. If you know anything about Life, you know it has been sitting in a single digit growth market (that is said to be growing faster than a speeding bullet), and that growth mainly comes from cut backs...

Now, let's send a sequencer on Mars, ET needs one...

I'm not arguing here, sequencing is a great technology, the original post was about investment. Life and Illumina, will be duds on the long run because they will likely always need to fight off spin off attacks that come out with cheaper faster solution.

That vision you have, is the same that rolls over and over. Eric Schadt had big dreams at Pac Bio, Pac who ? Eric who ?
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