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From the Mira mailing list:

On Aug 13, 2012, at 15:12 , sourakhata tiréra wrote:
> [...]
> The problem is that i trimmed my initial fastq file and some reads are missing because they come from symbiotes micro-orgamisms of the tick.
> Now mira dont work with the trimmed fastq file. Can mira work with 454 Data without xml file?
Yes, it can. "--notraceinfo" is probably what you are looking for.

> I thought about a mean to just give to mira the ID of reads that I dont want to cluster. Is it possible?
I'm not sure I got this question right. Do you want to cluster some reads but others not? If yes, what should MIRA do with the reads not-to-be-clustered?

If you trim the reads I think that the xml file is irrelevant, but I would ask in the Mira mailing list just in case.
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