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About Qiagen, they make more money on hybrid capture than anyone in the research world can imagine. So ngs for them is a hobby.

Life is for sale because the already mighty want to cash in. It's been made incredibly lean to a very low R&D expenditure and growth on reduction. This will culminate in a buy out. Only thing is, the buyer could care less about NGS and Life will once again split up in two pieces. Word is Roche for you know what and Thermo for the rest.

If this doesn't happen, also a big chance of that, there will be a lot of slow damage because it will be tough to come back and build up the skeleton. At that point, the stock will start a good decline. If you want to hold, there is no chance in hell a company will be a 15% premium over current prices. So wake up early...

Right now everyone holding their breath and icing their wounds and stalling the big results for product intros.
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