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Default New GoogleMap, search by platform and other features...

Thanks to everyone for looking at the GoogleMap and adding information,
there have been over 100,000 views! There is now an updated and improved
version which you can find at

The old version is now locked for future edits but will be periodically
updated from the new database. The new site allows you to add new sites,
update sites with platforms and capacity and correct any errors you find
on the map yourself.

The new map has a number of new features. Sites are clustered together
to make it easier to navigate high-density regions. You can filter by
individual platform, for example "show me all sites which have Illumina
& SOLiD". There is more information held about each site. All
the work on the new map has been done by Nick Loman at University of
Birmingham, I really must thank him for taking my idea and making it
much more user friendly. We'd be grateful for any feedback if you find
any small problems or have suggestions for improving the interface further.

The map was put together in the first place to show how many places had
installed systems. I think when I first made it there were about the
same number of Illumina's world-wide as Broad has currently. There has
been phenomenal growth in next-gen technologie.

And of course, for those interested in the question of which platform is
in the lead, we will be putting league tables up shortly. But we wanted
to give the community some time to help get the map as accurate as
possible. Look out for the tables next week.

Hopefully this map can help you find someone close to you to collaborate
with, ask questions or just go to the pub and join in nerdy
conversations about your first sequences being 350bp on an autorad. DNA
bp is the next MB of Ram!
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