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Potentially interesting info could be:

Name of the analysis tool
Source: company name, institute
Price: free or $oft
Supported machines (platform)
OS: Linux, Mac, Windows, public web based platform..
GUI: none (command line), yes, web-based, with genome browser..
Input: raw image, fastq reads, alignment files, BED files..
Output: numbers, tables, graphs, Excel sheets..
Ref (papers, if any)
Base calling: Y/N + method
Read alignment: Y/N + method
Read assembly: Y/N + method
SNP calling: N/Y + method
Genomic variations, etc: Y/N + method
Gene expression: Y/N + method (RPKM, etc)
Other features

Thoughts, comments? Anybody else interested?
Additional suggestions before starting the table? (a new thread in the service providers section i guess?)
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