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I would say although gel size selection is a lot more hands on, you definitely get a narrower peak if done correctly. I've only ever tried for 500bp but that worked a lot better using a gel rather than pippin - i just couldn't get the parameters right with the pippin. Also with pippin, in my experience, I have had to load all of my sample and once its done the size selection that's it - its gone, its very hard to recover anything if it doesn't size select correctly. Whereas with gel at least you can take multiple cuts (target, lower, upper, lower lower and upper upper) and freeze them in case your target slice isn't as close to 750bp as you want it. Also - definitely recommend testing your gel/ladder with some controls as I found I would actually have to cut at the 400bp ladder mark in order to get my sample at 500bp.

hope this helps a little bit

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