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Default Clive Brown's Technology Talk from London Calling 2018

For the last 4 years I've attended Oxford Nanopore Technologies' yearly London Calling conference. One of the interesting bits of this conference is the talk from Clive Brown about what's happening in the ONT world, both in terms of things that are currently available, and things that are being developed for future use.

I've been making a point of writing up the things in his talks that I consider to be novel statements, which haven't been mentioned in any of his previous talks:
  • Live sample prep, sequencing, and WIMP analysis of Clive Brown’s DNA by Ruth Moysey
  • Voucher for Series D ASIC; longer run time, potentially 30 Gb from a single MinION
  • ONT has a roadmap for moving to 500 Gb from a single PromethION flow cell (NovaSeq-busting prices)
  • [Read-until is coming back [in anger]
  • MinIT is orderable in the store
  • Mk1C sequencer (MinION combined with MinIT) should be available December
  • Epi2me will be embedded in MinIT, GridION, PromethION (local analysis workflows)
  • Epi2me will be commercialised via MetriCoin (workflow currency, included with flow cell / kit purchases)
  • New 1Dē kit coming that uses UMIs in adaptors, increasing accuracy to Q20 and allowing amplicon sequencing
  • Miyagi tool for combining reads from different pores for increased consensus accuracy
  • Slightly mutated forms of R9.4 have been tested; could release a variant-pore flow cell in a few weeks if there is interest
  • Flongle early-access begins now, released commercially in Q3
  • Zumbador’s official name is Ubiquibopsy (or Ubik tube)
  • V2 VolTRAX (heat, PCR, 10 samples) is available for ordering in the store
  • New SkunkWorx technology: a combined MinION + VolTRAX, dynamically embeds pores between droplets. This has a lot of novel features

The video of Clive's talk is now up, only a few days after he gave it:

For those who don't want to see the whole video, my notes on the conference can be found here. I was using a laptop at the time, so they should be fairly comprehensive:
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