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Originally Posted by zhiller View Post
I have done a couple microarray experiments but am now interested in RNAseq. I am unfamiliar with the technology and would like to know if it's even feasible with my budget. I was confused by a table in the SOLiD brochure that quoted $150/sample??

For two time points, I have three biological replicates with a drug and three without which makes a total of 12 samples. The samples are from a mouse macrophage cell line. I have seen a few core labs offer services for affy chips for between $600 and $800. I want to know if it would cost more or less to do sequencing. By how much? Also, could I use bar codes and only do one or two runs?? I know that prices may vary by quite a bit for a number of reasons, but a ballpark estimate would be helpful. Any information or links to other resources would be great too! Thanks
These price ranges are very accurate. If you would like more information on RNAseq services feel free to contact me for an accurate quote.
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