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Question How did you dissociate cells from frozen tissue?

Originally Posted by Runuply View Post
Hi guys, I also used that protocol for ATAC-seq from frozen tissue, PCR amplification 5 cycles; and 7 cycles for qPCR(1 to 3rd of Max Fluorescent). It is a little hard for me to control the exact cell number, but after transposition and purification I will use 1ul to check by Qubit, which usually shows around 10ng/ul in 10ul (this should be equal to 25k cells or less). And after I did PCR amplification (in total 5+7 cycles), the purified DNA will be about 50ng/ul in 20ul.
The Bio analyzer is attached.
Hi Runuply,
i am also doing ATAC-seq from froze tissue. Can you give me an idea how you dissociate cells from tissue? I am having difficulty with it. Thank you,
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