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As of this week we have completed over 1,500 ChIP-Seq samples on the Helicos. A few nanograms, no library creation, just a little poly A tailing and zoom, 9-14 million reads on 46 samples every 14 days (we like to relax before we fill it up again.).

Just don't ask me why they just got delisted on NASDAQ and are trading at 22 cents. I have no idea. ;-( Keith Robison spells it out pretty well in the other thread. Their marketing should have been something like "It's all about the message" and focused on ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, DGE and all of the above from paraffin, nanogram amounts, no amplification, no bias.

They should have never chased after the human genome. Wrong tool for the job.

-Paul Morrison

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