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Originally Posted by NextGenSeq View Post
I asked a PacBio rep why he thought their SMS will succeed when Helicos failed. He said because their instrument will work.
Gee, I asked Helicos some time back the same question and got the same answer. Helicos does work. It does a marvelous job on ChIP-Seq-RNA Seq and small genomes. The PacBio numbers are not that impressive right now. I look at them and place them about where Helicos was about three years ago. SMS is hard. It's definitely the future but keeping track of singular molecular events is a beotch. SMRTBell is a very clever way of getting around high error rates that SMS is prone to but it negates the best thing about SMS, you have to amplify. And you have to start with 20,000 times more DNA. Not a very good trade off but the technology will advance.

This may be history repeating itself. Initially people were excited about Dupont's 1st gen sequencer (which didn't work) and then ABI pulled it off successfully.
Dupont's Genesis 2000 did work and worked quite well. Where do you think ABI got dye terminators? But you are right, it might be history repeating itself in spades. Superior technology sometimes does not win.
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