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My recommendation would be to get the basic starter pack and muddle your way through the sequencing process yourself (with help from the community forums). You'll fail more, learn more, and learn quicker that way.

The MinION is pretty robust. I carried it in my backpack for about a year, and that may have lead to the USB connector becoming a bit flaky, but I had a replacement (at no charge) about 2 weeks after I mentioned the issue to ONT support. I think a couple of other people had the same issue (with the first generation of MinIONs), and I haven't heard any further complaints about them for a couple of years.

Despite the flakiness, it was still good enough for me to be able to do a live sequencing demonstration during my TEDx talk last year. They've survived a flight to space and a trip to the bottom of the ocean; you don't really have anything to worry about with that (and broken ones get replaced quickly by ONT anyway).
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