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Default Extraction of genomic DNA from RNAlater preserved cattle tissue Using DNA extraction

Hi, All
Could anyone please tell me how to use DNA extraction kits to extract gDNA from RNAlater preserved cattle skin tissue, i am conducting a PhD research on polymorphism and mRNA expression levels of HSP 70 and 90 in Nigerian and Indian cattle. i am about to commence gDNA extraction for polymorphism study and genotyping of HSP 70 and 90 genes from the samples next week. I came to India with the samples from Nigeria. I took the samples between January- early march, 2017. i stored the samples in refrigerator before my travelling, i transported the sample with ice park to create a refrigerated environment for the sample. I intend doing mRNA expression study on the samples after completion of polymorphism study of the genes. i take time to give these preamble so that whoever that want to guide me will have detail information to work with. So kindly guide me on the use of extraction kits as phenol-chlorofom assay is not available in the lab that is hosting me. looking forward for your kind suggestions.
Thank you
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