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Default Understanding the Log2 Ratio plotted

Hi. thank you in advance.
so after re-reading the manual, I have a question about the values for the y-axis.

The y-axis has the log2 data from the output in the .cnv file.

In the paper, it gives the predicted copy number r = z*(N_Y)/(N_X) .... is the values for r, the same values as the log2 column entries that is plotted on the y axis?

For instance, I am trying to interpret the ratio correctly.. given this test example

Since I use a reference/control (N_Y), and a tumor sample (N_X), from the original paper Xiao published, the positive log2 values indicate that (N_Y > N_X) which means that it was not an increase in copy number. is this correct understanding of the log2 value for their ratio?
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