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Hi all,

this problem seems still unresolved.
GTF was recommended by Tophat2 paper if available.
In my case, only one line has the problem in one bam file:
        73      scaffold210     158009  50      30M26178N70M    *       0       0       GTACGAGTCGTTCTGCCGGCCGCCGTGCTCGGAGTCGCCGTTGACGATCCAGACGATGTGCGGCGCGGGCTTGGCGGAGCCGGAGCTGCAGTTGGCGTGC  $#$%&&&#%$"&"%("')&!&)''&!"%%(""!$!"!!"""#%%"$%%%%$"!"!!!!!"%!"%$"#%%%%""%%!!!!"$%"!!"%$$!!!!!!!!!!!  AS:i:-12        XM:i:2  XO:i:0  XG:i:0  MD:Z:78C18C2    NM:i:2  XS:A:-  NH:i:1
Where, the read name was not printed successfully.

I filtered this line by:
awk '$1!~/^[0-9]/'

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