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Default Weird bioanalyzer results

Hey all,

Yesterday, for the first time ever i was about to slam my head into the bioanalyzer. I ran 8 samples prepared with nexteraxt protocol after pcr cleanup and size selection using 29ÁL of ampure xp beads. The results did not make ANY sense at all. The presence of HUGE fragments that are even bypassing the upper ladder! The concentration of the samples on qubit was the following:
Sample 1 = 2.05
Sample 2 = 2.55
Sample 3 = 3.96
Sample 4 = 7
Sample 5 = 3
Sample 6 = 4.75
Sample 7 = 6.68
Sample 8 = 7.3

if those HUGE fragments are truly present, than the concentration doesnt really correlate with them does it?
Has anyone seen this phenomena using the hs DNA chip?

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