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Default Illumina Install Base

Hey Folks,
I do market research for a small start-up and I was wondering if anyone knew an efficient way to find Illumina's unit sales, for each kind of sequencer (HiSeq & MiSeq).
Illumina reports revenue quarterly and I can find pricing information online, the only issue is breaking down revenue across sequencer models. I've been combing through their earnings calls to find unit sale but there isn't much info there. They donít share enough to get a sense of the break down of the instrument sales revenue due to various models, which is another way to back into it.
Does anyone know a way to find out how many of each sequencer type Illumina has sold? Is there a list of customers available somewhere?
Related question: does anyone have a figure of how many genomics research labs there are in the US and globally?

Thanks in advance,

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