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Originally Posted by cement_head View Post
Yep, qPCR can be a real headache. I guess the major issue with ddPCR is the instrumentation cost - $90,000 for a decent system. Once that price comes down, then it'll see more adoption. Just my 2 cents.
Yes. That is a huge barrier. That being said, cost per sample will be less than KAPA, since you only need to dilute and measure the sample at 1e-6 to get number of molecules. No standards required. You would load 3.3 billion molecules to get 1000K/mm2.

The caveat is that if you have too much unligated adaptor and/or primer carrying over through your purifications it convolutes the measurement and leads to an overestimate. Still you can more readily quant and correct than qPCR.

If your libraries are fairly clean, Qubit is actually good enough.

The real advantage is when you need to multiplex across samples per run.


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