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Smile Assemble RNA-Seq data with TopHat in Geneious Server!

Geneious Serverô 1.5 Beta, the high performance enterprise extension of Geneious Pro now features TopHat for mapping millions of RNA-Seq data against a reference genome in minutes. Click on the Assembly Button, choose "Run on Geneious Server" and select TopHat as your algorithm of choice from the dropdown menu of assemblers & mappers.

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"Geneious has done a great deal for our lab, and I think it adds incredible value for labs with a mixture of wet and dry folks or those doing lots of cloning like ours. TopHat is a robust tool, but it was designed with experienced bioinformatics scientists in mind. Geneious makes TopHat accessible to many more users through the same powerful, intuitive user interface they have with other Geneious analysis tasks."
Dr. Cole Trapnell, Author of TopHat and Post-Doc in the Rinn Lab at Harvard University

For further details, read on here
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