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Originally Posted by sulicon View Post

We have 500-1000 genomic DNA samples and we are interested in a set of ~20 loci. What's the most affordable way to sequence the 20 loci for all the samples?

How long (bp) are those loci? If it is short enough, I'd say perform multiplex PCR using primers embedded with nextgen adaptors. In this case, sample prep cost may be significantly lower. You can multiplex many samples to control sequencing cost (sequencing reagents and materials), depending on the size of the loci. But the library prep may be too much a burden if you follow Illumina's gDNA library protocol for 500-1000 samples. On the other hand, if you can generate enough amplicons with Adaptors attached already, it will be a lot less work.

I am dealing with a similar request from another client. If you wish to discuss a little more on this topic, you can send me a personal message.

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