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Apologies - can't edit the post above.

I've sent this basic idea to the 2 human longevity organizations (Craig V's (boo!) and Valter L's (yay!)) in San Diego and San Francisco as they've the sequencing rigs to prove it all.
I however am unemployed since Friday and so unable to prove any of it.

All as stated in The Book of Simpsons.

Originally Posted by correction to Bart
Try '50 years old' (give or take a few days) and I made 72.40 per week for 6 months on Job seeker's allowance which to be fair is considerably :-) over (by a factor of 3) the $600 annual salary quoted by Bart for phds.
One may therefore conclude that the starving scientist inadvertently stumbles across the solution to health through novel (at least in this day and age) metabolic state acquired.
The experimentalist never leaves the laboratory.

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