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Default Increasing MiSeq v3 cycle number for >600bp reads

Hello people!

We have a sequencing application where we could really need, say, 50100 more cycles from a 600-cycle MiSeq v3 kit.

Illumina states that the cartridge contains reagents for 625 cycles [1] (to account for dual indices we don't need, so 1015 more cycles there already).
Then again, ECO got about 370 cycles from a 300 cycle kit [2] which is a fair bit more than the 325 stated by Illumina. Other people also mentioned that they pushed above the 25 reserve index cycles [3].

Lastly, this post explains how MadsAlbertsen got 600 cycles from a 400 cycle kit by filling up some wells with reagents from leftover cartridges.

So, my question: Does anybody has experience with increasing the cycle number on the 600-cycle v3 kits and can tell me what safely works? Either by experimenting how many possible cycles are in one cartrige or by filling up from an old cartridge.
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