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Smile Update on the system status

Hello everyone

Just to let you know:

As I already mentioned in this thread, the polonator is no longer being commercialized. Another instrument, which is partially derived from the polonator (some hardware parts only) is now available, called the MaxSeq.
This new instrument was totally redesigned by IBS, having SBS as a center piece of the instrument's development.
It will also carry other significant advantages, as higher throughput, faster runs and even cheaper consumables.

We are hoping to have a specific forum on the Sequencing Technologies/Companies section, so we can post some news about it.
In the mean time, I can tell you that we are now installing our first machine, and we have created a blog where everyone will be able to follow this installation as well as the following weeks of instrument's operation.
The blog is here:

We will also bring some more news soon, regarding another instrument that will be officially launched in March.

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