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We have been using Ribo-Zero + ScriptSeq for years with success. Primarily for samples of human RNA (using Ribo-Zero GOLD or Globin-GOLD) but also a few samples of bacterial RNA (of course using the Ribo-Zero bacteria). I havnt tried any of the TruSeq RNA kits, but know that the method for strand-specificity differ, TruSeq is based on dUTP while ScriptSeq use tagged cDNA synthesis.
A trick to save even more: The Ribo-Zero kits comes in high or low format for the same price, but the high kit contain app 2x reagent. So we purchases the complete kits in the high version and additional ScriptSeq kits to supply - and follow the low input protocol. Using 500 ng total RNA as input we can hence get two Ribo-Zero reactions out out each High Ribo-Zero reaction.
If you are going to use all 48 ScriptSeq indexes, be aware that index 11 and 31 only have two mismatches to index 41. So use demultiplexing with no-mismatch option.
Best, /Jakob
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