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Originally Posted by hoytpr View Post
UCan'tBcereus: Your post could not have been better timed. We have a client with some very precious samples that show both peaks, but the RIN scores are very low. We were considering turning down the sequencing request, but if what you say is true, we might be able to pull this off.
Thanks very much!

Hi Pete,

Glad to be of help. Also, just to be clear, when I say successful library prep, I mean that the Library looks good and sequenced/clustered well. As far as actual quality of data, I cannot be sure, since I do not analyze the data myself. But there were no complaints from the labs where we made libraries with poor quality RNA that we worked on.

As far as RIN scores, sometimes the actual number could be off. The RIN seems to be less accurate since we switched to the Tape station. Having both of the peaks was a better indicator of library success, rather than a hard number of something like >3 RIN.

Feel free to ask any more questions!
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