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Originally Posted by JeremyDay View Post
One thing I am wondering: Does anyone have a clue as to how the Kapa standards are not degrading at such low concentrations (lowest is 0.0002pM)? If i remember correctly, DNA under 1nM is susceptible to degradation even in -20 storage.
"susceptible to degradation"? What on earth do you mean?

Not sure who told you this, but it sounds like some sort of folklore invented to explain why yields, etc. are so poor (percentage-wise) when the amount of sample is very low.

I have a better folktale for you: the reason this happens is that everything has a binding capacity for macromolecules. For plastics this binding capacity is probably mostly fairly low -- such that at ug levels, it is not discernible. But the smaller amount of a macromolecule you process, the more noticeable loss to this sort of binding will be.

Mitigating against these sorts of losses would involve using low bind plastic and/or spiking your samples with a detergent.

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