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Originally Posted by Brian Bushnell View Post
Normally, I would just map the reads with the flag "maxindel=100k" (or whatever is appropriate, given the length of the genome) and then call variants with "" using the flag "rarity=0.01" to find low-frequency events. But alternatively, you can separate the reads with multiple BBMap passes, like this: in=reads.fq outm=mapped.fq maxindel=100k in=mapped.fq outm=normal.fq outu=longdeletion.fq maxindel=100k dellenfilter=20 in=longdeletion.fq out=mapped_longdeletion.sam maxindel=100k
Brian, that's awesome, I didn't even know there was a variant caller in your suite. That worked well and I was able to find a bunch of deletions by using the flag "clearfilters" in However, I'm sure a lot of it is probably not real. Is there a particular parameter you suggest looking at as a measure of probability of being real? I'm not sure what some of the readouts in the output from actually mean.

Thanks again.
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