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Originally Posted by NextGenSeq View Post
Thanks for the "unbiased" promotion of PacBio.

(Note: It might be a good idea to put a disclaimer when you post that you work for them similar to the press releases from the marketing team of companies anticipating to go public.)
Hey there...I assume you're talking to me. This disclaimer has been there since the day I started at PB, and this thread was posted almost a year before I joined.

Not sure why you keep bringing it up...I've been as open as possible since day one, and if you'd checked the date on this thread before posting what I feel is a pretty snide comment, you'd know that.

As I said the last time you brought this up, if you would like to start a dialog about my day-job employer and how that may or may not affect the unbiased nature of the site...please do so in the Site Feedback forum and I'll answer any question and consider all opinions.
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