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Default Bioinformatics Programmer - NYU Institute for Systems Genetics

Bioinformatics Programmer -- NYU Institute for Systems Genetics, NYC

Bioinformatics Programmer
A Bioinformatics Programmer position is available in the Maurano Lab at the Institute for Systems Genetics at the New York University School of Medicine.

We are looking for a candidate to scale up our existing sequencing data and analysis pipelines as well as develop new ones. The candidate will play a key role in establishing our new NHGRI-funded Center for Synthetic Regulatory Genomics, which is using large-scale DNA synthesis and assembly to evaluate fundamental questions in gene regulation at loci associated with human traits and diseases.

Applicants should have a degree in CS or a quantitative field and 5+ years of experience with the UNIX environment and languages such as Python, R, C, or Java. Coursework in data structures, algorithms, machine learning, and statistics and familiarity with Illumina sequencing data analysis are highly desirable. While a background in biology is a plus, we welcome those with the interest and motivation to learn a new field.

About the Maurano Lab:
Our lab is interested in establishing a foundation for the mechanistic study of regulatory variation, with the long-term goal of understanding how the noncoding genome controls cell-type specific transcriptional regulation and its role in the genetics of human traits and diseases. We apply both experimental and computational approaches and our interests include:
  • Prediction of functional effects of non-coding regulatory variation
  • Long-distance regulation of gene expression
  • Profiling of chromatin features and their relationship to nuclear organization and function
  • Regulatory variation and the genetics of human diseases and traits

For more information, see our past publications or website at

Our laboratory is located on the east side of Manhattan at the NYU School of Medicine. We are in the new Science Building on E. 30th Street just east of 1st Avenue. We are affiliated with the NYU Department of Pathology, and are part of the growing Institute for Systems Genetics, which hosts high-throughput robotics, high-performance computing, and megabase-scale DNA synthesis facilities.

To apply: Send CV to Matthew Maurano at: .
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