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Default SOAP:segmentation fault

Hi All,
I am trying to map solexa PE reads (fastq) from different strains onto reference scaffolds file (fasta) using soap2. The questions I have are:
1. The alignment works but it seems that soap is not able to read seq data from all the 8 strains I have in the command as the number of reads that it processes is too low to encompass all the 8 strains.
2. When I try to msort (-k 8,n9) the PE output file from the alignment, it comes back with error (segmentation fault) however, the SE output gets sorted with the same command.
3. The snp calling through soapsnp (-d <ref> -i <SEoutput.sort> -r 0.00005 e 0.0001 -t -u -L <100>) generates a huge file many times larger than original file. Is that usual?
Thanks for the patient reading.
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