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Originally Posted by lucorum View Post
I should try your method of storing used chips ("the opposite procedure" here means 2x isopropanol -> 2x flush buffer-> 3x 100 ul of 50% annealing buffer, am I right?) Do you use such chips for initialization several times in a row, or only once?
Yes correct, that's the method.
I use them only once, and then substitute them with the chip I've just ran.
We have the same problem, very rarely having two initializations in the same week. Chips prepared like this, and stored protected from light and humidity, should work for at least a couple if months (at least they do in our hands).

Oh you're right I'm sorry, the OT2 200 v3 kit did not contain TF_1 control fragments. So you should only see TF_C fragments, just as you do.

We also periodically use expired kits. That's how funding goes sometimes. Let's assume then that the run is not the main problem.

Originally Posted by lucorum View Post
Second, I am sometimes suspicious about the OT2 machine's performance, I even tried to export the run logs from OT2, but they didn't record to my flash drive.
Oh I know why, it's a simple reason and there are 2 workarounds.
The reason - I've passed this info on to our local Thermo engineer last year - is that the OT2's operating system is loaded as read-only; that's why you lose all the log data when you turn it off, and also why you can just power it off via a switch. But this also implies that the system cannot create a directory under /media where to mount the USB drive to.
There are two workarounds.
The first one - as I'm told - is that the Torrent Server that's linked to the OT2 will automatically download and store the last 10 logs. They should be under
and you can access them through any computer that can access your Torrent Server, via WinSCP (on Windows) or the like.
The second one is to solve the issue by loading the OS as read/write, permanently creating the folder that the OT2 needs to mount the USB drive, and then locking it again as read-only. This however would possibly invalid your guarantee. I asked our local Thermo engineer to do it for us, after he agreed that the procedure was OK.
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