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I'm not sure how exactly we update OT2 soft. However, it has Hi-Q kit in its menu, so its software can't be really old, and an update was performed at least once. I should ask my colleagues about this.

Originally Posted by r.rosati View Post

Yes you can still use them for cleaning; about initialization, yes, but it depends on how old they are.

Notice that v2 and v3 chips are "indistinguishable" by our Ion Proton (they're both identified as the same version); the difference between them is that the new v3 one is prepared (but expires), the other needs prep (but doesn't expire).

So you can also still use new v2 chips for sequencing.
Oh, I'm glad to hear this, because it seems that we have an excess of v2 chips: there's a few chips left, but the reagents designed for them (Sequencing 200 Kit v3) are used up. It's good to know that v2 chips may still be used with the new reagents.

Unfortunately I can't log in to Ion Community (I've tried to register with my e-mail a few days ago, but they are still considering if I should have an account).

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