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Default Bioinformatics Investigator Position in Oncology R&D

Link to GlaxoSmithKline job posting:

or copy/paste ""

Basic qualifications:

• Ph.D. with specialization in bioinformatics, genomics, epigenetics, cancer biology, translational medicine, molecular diagnostics, or a closely related field.
• 3+ years experience in bioinformatics and the application of bioinformatics in cancer research or development of cancer medicines.
• Demonstrated expertise in more than one of the following areas: germline and/or somatic cancer genetics (SNP arrays, exome-seq, WGS), epigenetics data analysis (ChIP-seq, DNA methylation), genome copy number analysis, transcriptomics analysis (RNA-Seq, oligo-arrays), proteomics, cell line and animal models of cancer, signal transduction, clinical assay development, etc.
• Experience in developing NGS data processing and analysis pipelines. Experience with multi-platform genomics data integration.

Preferred qualifications:

• Proficient in Unix and Windows, scripting languages (R, Perl, Python, etc.), bioinformatics tools and databases. Proficient in basic statistics concepts and methods.
• Experience of working with wet lab scientists. Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a matrix environment. Interested in pursue personalized medicine and targeted cancer therapeutics.

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