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Default maq map problem


I am attempting to assemble SOLEXA reads from a bacterial genome.
I have been able to assemble the reads from the raw fastq file.
I have filtered and trimmed the fastq file to remove low quality reads to see if this improves my assembly. However, I receive the following message when attempting to run maq map:

paul@bioinf:~/Desktop/TEST/MAQ/filtered$ maq map ref.bfa 1filtered.bfq 2filtered.bfq >
-- maq-0.7.1
[ma_load_reads] loading reads...
[ma_load_reads] set length of the first read as 33.
[ma_load_reads] set length of the second read as 33.
maq: longreads_t* ma_load_reads(void*, int, void*, int): Assertion `strncmp(name, lr->name[j], tl-1) == 0' failed.

Can anyone shed some light on what the problem may be?


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