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I have experience with Helicos sequencer.

The Shenzhen company claimed that their sequencing cost will be a half of Illumina, this is amazing, but probably true because it is made in China.

Do not expect the same throughput as Illumina, because it is based on Helicos technology.

Its substitution error is higher than Illumina, similar to Ion sequencer. They have to sequence up to 2000 times to get the same accuracy as Illumina.

This sequencer will find it position in niche market, such as NIPT, PGS and other clinical application, with its advantage requiring no sample prepare. But you will be disappointed for whole genome sequencing, it is definitely not a good choice for research purpose. I bet they will not sell to university and research institute, no one is going to use it for research, unless the Shenzhen company can publish dozens of high profile journal article to prove it.

Anyway, I believe Shenzhen will be the superpower of genome sequencing, both sequencing service and sequencing machine in the future.
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