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Thank you very much. Now my bowtie2 is working. Can you give me some beginner tips to build an index. I have this:

mds-macbook-pro:bow-tie ZILLURRAHMAN$ cd bowtie2-2.2.3
mds-macbook-pro:bowtie2-2.2.3 ZILLURRAHMAN$ ls
AUTHORS bowtie2-align-l-debug bowtie2-inspect-l
LICENSE bowtie2-align-s bowtie2-inspect-l-debug
MANUAL bowtie2-align-s-debug bowtie2-inspect-s
MANUAL.markdown bowtie2-build bowtie2-inspect-s-debug
NEWS bowtie2-build-l doc
TUTORIAL bowtie2-build-l-debug example
VERSION bowtie2-build-s scripts
bowtie2 bowtie2-build-s-debug
bowtie2-align-l bowtie2-inspect
mds-macbook-pro:bowtie2-2.2.3 ZILLURRAHMAN$ cd example
mds-macbook-pro:example ZILLURRAHMAN$ ls
index reads reference
mds-macbook-pro:example ZILLURRAHMAN$ cd index
mds-macbook-pro:index ZILLURRAHMAN$ ls
lambda_virus.1.bt2 lambda_virus.3.bt2 lambda_virus.rev.1.bt2
lambda_virus.2.bt2 lambda_virus.4.bt2 lambda_virus.rev.2.bt2
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