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A laptop wouldn't be suitable for most bioinformatics tasks. It doesn't have the power to do complex and intensive calculations.
Laptops are definitely suitable for most bioinformatics tasks. Gene counting for RNASeq works very well and fast when using kallisto on a laptop. For single human samples, even an older full-sequence mapping program like Bowtie2 is fine on a laptop with 4~8GB memory. If experiments are done on yeast, bacteria, or other small-genome samples, then a laptop should be sufficient even for a large number of samples and even for tasks like de-novo genome assembly.

And of course if the initial mapping or simulation grunt-work is done by another computer, then a laptop is perfectly fine for downstream analysis.

I wouldn't use a laptop for doing 100 whole-genome alignments from HiSeq data, but that is not a task that is common for me to do.
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