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I used to have a MacBook Air but recently bought an MBP and my workload is pretty similar.

I ssh into the institute cluster for any memory intensive tasks so the only things I run locally on my laptop are small datasets when I want to test some code in a compiled language that's not been installed properly on the cluster or small visualization tasks in Rstudio for presentations or to include into publications.

Regarding choice of Linux vs Mac, I would love to use a Linux laptop but I've had severe heating issues running Ubuntu on laptops built for Windows which is a dealbreaker for me. So I prefer the macs. Until my most recent job I did not have to spend out of pocket for a work machine as my previous workplaces used to make the purchases once I gave them specs, so that helped.

Only things I prioritize when spec'ing out my laptop are a quad-core processor and atleast 8gb in RAM.
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