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Default Using MetaVelvet, what hardware requirements?

Hi everyone,

I just received my very first set of shotgun-metagenomic sequencing results. They are illumina pair ended reads produced using the 2x250bp method. I have 26.5 million reads.

My question is about the memory requirements of metavelvet.. In the manual it says the program requires "At least 12Gb of RAM (more is no luxury)" But they go onto use a computer with 48Gb of RAM to produce their example data in table 1 and the "required memory" for each assembly in tabel 1 is up to 72Gb.

I'm finding this quite confusing! What happens when the memory requirement exceeds the amount of RAM on the workstation? Will the program crash or start making temporary files on the hard drive? Can you really use a computer with only 12Gb of RAM?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Please help!
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