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Just a late note, and somewhat off topic, but might be of interest to users of old macs...

I believe the .map files created by maq use the little-endian/big-endian-ness of the platform being used - that is to say the order of the bits may change in the binary file depending on the native format of the processor being used. This could be a problem for converting between a powerPC processor and an Intel x86 based processor. You may have to convert to mapview format using the same computer as where the alignment was done to transfer information between them.

Since the vast majority of hardware is x86 based these days, I doubt this is a problem, but maybe worth mentioning here so that there's some reference for it.


Note: I'm not a developer for MAQ, and only know anything about the MAQ .map format from reading the source code and implementing a .map file parser. Please contact your local MAQ expert for more information, or feel free to read the source code yourself! (=
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