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Here's a rough idea of how to do bam2fastq:
samtools view file.bam | awk -F '\t' '{print ">"$1"\n"$10"\n+\n"$11}' > file.fastq
Unfortunately this will give you a fastq file with interleaved reads, which can be a little bit of a pain to use. You can use the filter function (-f / -F) of samtools view to get around that, reading through the BAM file twice:

samtools view -f 0x40 file.bam | awk -F '\t' '{print ">"$1"\n"$10"\n+\n"$11}' > file_R1.fastq
samtools view -f 0x80 file.bam | awk -F '\t' '{print ">"$1"\n"$10"\n+\n"$11}' > file_R2.fastq
The SAM File format specification is your friend, see section 1.4.

The process of BAM -> FASTQ -> Tophat is slower in terms of computer time, but from your description it sounds like it will be quicker in terms of bum-on-seat time.

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