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Hello Rick,
Thanks for your feedback. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of Smalltalk users in the world, see for example:

Concerning support, you may check the news in the blog, for example a new application using BioSmalltalk:

There are also two mailing lists:

I am more than willing to help people get involved with Smalltalk. One of the nicest things you may find is that you have to un-learn a lot of things so necessary in other programming environments. The code base now is not so extensive as in BioPerl or BioPython, but it also means an opportunity to learn about coding and bioinformatics. And a nice chance to try an interactive debugger doing for example TDD which is very natural in Smalltalk, see here for a TDD session in Pharo:

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if anyone want to share experiences using the platform it would be very welcome.


Originally Posted by westerman View Post
It will be interesting to see if you can drum up support for the project. Smalltalk may be a well honed and long surviving language however its adherents are few in number. Personally I haven't programmed in it for, gee, over 25 years.
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