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You must be out of your mind!

I actually did work with one medical school graduate who did not complete his residency, and switched to a master's in bioinformatics.
He then proceeded to leave his master's without writing his thesis ...
So, he obviously had some personal issues.

Many graduate programs and labs will welcome with open arms any medical school graduate.
Despite any weaknesses they may have in computer science, they have unique insights, given their medical knowledge.
Their salary and general working conditions will be the same as their colleague bioinformaticians though.

The salaries are extremely low in bioinformatics, at least relative to computer scientists, and definitely relative to doctors.
Generally, bioinformaticians get little recognition for their work.

Bioinformaticians are essential members of a research team, but just about never the stars.
They're more part of the support team.
Everyone knows Craig Venter, but does anyone know any of the bioinformaticians who worked with him, without whom the shot-gun sequencing of the human genome would never have been possible?

I have a friend finishing a master's in bioinformatics, and just about to start a medical school degree. This is the right path, not the reverse.

If you want to abandon medicine for research, you could either do a PhD, not in bioinformatics, or just join a research team directly and hope to get some important publications which will allow you to lead your own research group.
You should aim to be a principal investigator, in a field other than pure bioinformatics. Bioinformaticians are more often than not part of the support staff.

If you're interested in bioinformatics, you can just pick up some knowledge on the side. Learn a programming language or two, how to use the Unix command line, and some basic statistics. You'll then know more than just about any medical doctor, and these skills could be useful in research. No need to do a master's.

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